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Antique or vintage armoires and linen presses are a functional, decorative and artisanal storage solution. 

The linen-press – originally designed for storing sheets, clothing and other textiles – are now considered decorative examples of antique furniture. Early versions were often quite plain but those made during the 18th and 19th centuries featured expensive veneers and intricate inlays, designed to occupy prominent places in early bedrooms as storage closets for clothing.

Similarly, armoires are usually the largest and most imposing pieces of furniture in a room. So, decorate around these pieces so they blend with the rest of the space without camouflaging their majestic features. Accent chairs, decorative mirrors, side tables, pedestal stands and floor lamps add creativity and versatility to an armoire-inspired room and contrasting accessories work best.

Bookcases always create an established look and add height and scale to any room. From dark mahogany to bleached wood, a well-decorated bookshelf makes a room. Give your bookshelf a decorative touch by uniting your shelf displays by grouping accessories by theme, colour, shape, texture or material.

We love placing armoires in the bedroom in place of a TV cabinet or in a formal lounge flanked by a pair of occasional chairs and mirrors. We also love styling bookcases using collections of silver tea sets, candlesticks, trays, books, concrete busts and crystal objects such as decanters to smarten up a room.


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