Antique and vintage clocks have quickly become a valuable decorative element and are very popular among interior designers because they add a timeless, dramatic and charming statement.

Whether it is an oversized clock or a grouping of smaller clocks, they create excellent focal points and make a big design statement. From a little desk clock to a stately grandfather clock and everything in between, a clock is the perfect accent piece, especially when they are used in a living room above the fireplace mantel, on an empty wall above the sofa, above a console table in an entryway, above the bed, or as a collection on a refractory table in the entrance.

Here at the Crown Collection, we love displaying a collage of smaller clocks – gilded and wooden – on a mantelpiece and entrance table, propped up at different heights on wooden writing slopes.

(Please note that all clocks sold are for their decorative value. We recommend the clock being serviced and restored to working order if required. Not all clocks have weights and/or pendulums and keys. We can refer you to a clock servicing company in Johannesburg or Cape Town should you require).

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