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With silver accessories in your decor collection, you have so so many options. Silver is also one of the seven metals of antiquity, retaining its investment value as decorative and practical pieces.

The biggest impact is often made when items are grouped together en masse to bringing an elegant touch to any room and a little glamour to everyday life.

Add dimension with a curated collection of vintage tea and coffee sets in your kitchen cabinet with trays standing upright behind. Hang a collection of silver food domes and/or trays on your dining room wall.

In a lounge setting, display wine coasters and an ice bucket with decanters on a tray.  Large champagne coolers and punch bowls add volume as a centrepiece. (Just add fresh flowers for seasonal impact). And of course, you can never have too many candlesticks and candelabras on show, whether on a mantelpiece or down the centre of a dining room table!

We love displaying collections of like objects in various shapes and sizes on a silver tray.


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