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From Versailles to your home, the classic craftsmanship of antique tapestries makes them captivating works of textile art. Each one depicts a beautiful scene from history which adds a decor narrative to your spaces.

Decorating with antique tapestries will add warmth and richness to any scheme – traditional or contemporary. They are also ideal for filling large expanses of an empty wall above a sofa or bed or in a hallway.

As handwoven ‘paintings,’ tapestries provide a soft, textural element and gentle focal point to the walls of any living room, bedroom or study. The intricate patterned detailing and elaborate designs become an artistic focal point in your home. Each one tells its own story.

Framed or hung unframed on a decorative rod, Vintage tapestries have elegance and longevity that can be passed down, connecting generations.

Besides a large tapestry, a pair of smaller ones are just as eye-catching and if f history is any indication, they are definitely worth the investment.


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