For centuries, people have been enjoying wine. In the 18th century, the decorative silver wine coaster (aka a wine bottle stand or decanter coaster/stand) was introduced to accessorise stylish dining tables.

Wine coasters also had the functional purpose of preventing a wooden table from being scratched by the cut-glass of the bottle. The earliest wine coasters had mahogany inserts, but later designs featured oak wooden inserts. Styles were varied with many silversmiths creating unique patterns.

Freestanding antique wine coolers (aka as cellarettes) were important pieces of furniture among the wealthy classes in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The wine was stored in these wooden wine coolers straight from the cellar and kept cool before use. Mainly made from mahogany, cellarettes were very popular in the Georgian and Regency periods but became obsolete in the Victorian era.

Silver wine coasters and antique wooden cellarettes are highly sought after items by collectors today.

Here at The Crown Collection, we love combining a collection of wine coasters and wine coolers on a large silver tray on a console table. They are also gorgeous when styled and displayed on cabinets or side tables.

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