No matter where you are in your antique journey, if you are wanting to add a touch of flair and an element of visual glam, then vintage or antique mirrors are a wonderful starting point for any space in your home – no matter what your overall design style may be. Doing double duty, mirrors are the perfect functional and aesthetic pieces and they are always fun to decorate with. Consider them jewellery for your room. 

Antique or vintage mirrors add a touch of drama and the theatrical as well as creating a beautiful harmony between the past and the present. You really cannot get decorating with a mirror wrong as every room deserves one; they reflect light, give the illusion of space and will instantly transform a wall. (Look no further than our blog on the language of antiquing to clarify the difference between the terms ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’).   

In the world of interior design, mirrors on the wall – be they antique or vintage –  are certainly the fairest of them all!

Choose your shape

This is where you really get to play as antique and vintage mirrors come in all shapes – round, square, oval, rectangle, hexagonal, diamond or free-form. They can be framed or frameless. Love them all? Then go ahead and mix and match. There are no rules – especially if you are wanting to create a gallery style cluster effect in a hallway, up the stairs or on a blank wall. 

vintage and antique mirrors

Mirrors are so versatile and become the perfect complement and finishing touch to any space. Cluster them, pair them, scatter them among artworks or simply display them on their own. Be daring. Be eclectic. However you choose to hang or arrange them, the effect will successfully transform any space in your home. 

VIntage and antique mirrors

Choose your style

The ornate detailing and vintage feel of an antique mirror add a special element to any room – from bedrooms and bathrooms to hallways, living rooms and dining rooms. 

VIntage and antique mirrors

Be bold and beautiful by placing an ornate gilded antique mirror against a moody dark wall – the perfect balance. If you have space to really show it off, then just let an oversized mirror stand on the floor to create an instant statement piece and focal point. Choose from an early 20th-century gilded wall mirror, a 20th-century French style giltwood Mirror, or a Rococo Style Giltwood Pier Mirror for an extra touch of designer sophistication. 

Vintage and antique mirrors

An antique or vintage mirror is that one accessory that will always enhance a room. Mirrors add balance, interest, personality and fun. They can offset a neutral scheme, calm a busy scheme and accentuate all the other pieces you have in your space. They will not only bring more light into a room but, if placed correctly, will make a smaller space seem larger. (When positioning a mirror – make sure it reflects something worthwhile).

The magic of mirrors as decor accessories really cannot be overstated. 

Choose the Crown Collection

If you are looking for a vintage or antique mirror for your wall to add a touch of luxury and history, then The Crown Collection, the largest antique emporium in South Africa, is your first stop. From gilded and ornately carved frames, in all shapes and sizes, you will find one-of-a-kind statement pieces for your home by shopping online or by visiting our showroom at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston. Our magnificently honed collection is an eclectic combination of decorative antiques, modern and classic styles. 

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Then go bespoke. We have an onsite restoration centre where we can customise the finish of any mirror – from hand gilding in 22- karat gold leaf or silver leaf to an aged/distressed look or a high gloss black or white lacquer sheen. We can even strip a mirror back to its natural wood colour or give it an authentic bleached wood or deep mahogany colour. 

Browse all our antique, vintage and French-style mirrors to find your perfect looking glass artwork for every space in your home.