“I still love writing in my journal, wearing sparkly dresses and looking at old chandeliers.” -TaylorSwift

What is it about a chandelier that makes one look up in wonder? In fact, if you strip all other elements from a room and leave only a vintage or antique chandelier, the grandeur and elegance of the room remain intact and visitors to the space will still pause with a breathtaking gasp at the sparkling beauty. That is the irresistible charm and timeless allure of chandeliers and lanterns. From entrance halls to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms, every home needs one and every home deserves one.

Writing about chandeliers almost seems like an exercise in futility, as words cannot do such decor show-stoppers justice. Their glamour and sophisticated luxury have a visual language all their own. That is the intrinsic magic of a vintage lantern or antique chandelier.  

VIntage and Antique Chandeliers

The etymology of the word “chandelier” is simple; it comes from the French word, “chandelle,” which means “candle” – originally a simple design of 2 cross-shaped wooden beams with spikes at the ends to hold candles of animal fat. As the quality of candle making evolved, ornate chandeliers became luxury lighting items used in churches, castles and royal palaces. By the 18th-century gold, brass, lead crystal, Venetian Murano glass and quartz chandeliers were an enviable status symbol of the nobility. 

If you have fallen in love with antique chandeliers or vintage lanterns and are looking to add one (or more) to your home, then there are a few things to bear in mind.

Limitless options

Sourcing the perfect vintage chandelier or antique lantern can be overwhelming as the styles, designs and materials are limitless. (And they are all so beautiful). From  French farmhouse chic and modern industrial, to mid-century and traditional, there is a chandelier that will fit flawlessly.

VIntage and Antique Chandeliers

Browse the many options out there online or in-store and decide if you want the ornate glamour of a 12 light antique wrought iron chandelier or the simplified sparkle of a smaller vintage chandelier. Or perhaps you are in love with the decorative elegance of an Empire chandelier, a brass hanging lantern or a  bold vintage wrought iron plantation lantern. Whatever you choose, your space will be transformed. 

No space is off-limits

When it comes to hanging an antique chandelier or vintage lantern, no space is off-limits. (Well, perhaps the garage). What you do need to consider though – from powder rooms and kitchen to ballrooms and bedrooms – is the size of the space. A chandelier should never be too big that it overwhelms a space and it should never be too small that it is underwhelming in a space. 

VIntage and Antique Chandeliers

Limit your materials and colours

Considering the style, colours and other metal accents in your room will help you narrow down your choices. A vintage brass or gold chandelier will look out of place in an ultra-modern sleek space that is full of black or silver metallic accents pieces. Think about the tones and materials that are statements in your room. This will determine whether you choose crystal, brass, wrought iron or beaded chandeliers. A chandelier should always be a natural extension of the room’s aesthetic. 

VIntage and Antique Chandeliers

No limits to the positioning of chandeliers

Although there are basic principles in the world of interior design, there are no real rules. Who says a chandelier or lantern has to hang from a ceiling rose in the centre of the room. There is no doubt that a central chandelier will always look beautiful, but how about hanging two smaller chandeliers on either side of your bed? This delicate framing of the bed accentuates the bedside tables, creating a striking sculptural and artistic element.

VIntage and Antique Chandeliers

If you want to embrace the eclectic, then who says you can’t hang more than one style of chandelier over a kitchen island at different heights. Talk about a talking point! It is an unexpected yet exuberant and classy vignette that will make anyone swoon. 

VIntage and Antique Chandeliers

Unlimited choice at The Crown Collection

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