Vintage Furniture


Stepping inside The Crown Collection’s store is reminiscent of being in a top-notch antique store in London, New York, or Paris. The Crown Collection is not your regular antique store but rather a curated collection of carefully hand-picked pieces specifically chosen for their decorative appeal and with over 5000 stylish decorative antiques, French, vintage, and contemporary furniture, the effect is simply captivating. The Crown Collection magnificently honed their collection with an eclectic combination of decorative antiques, modern and classic styles. “We wanted to offer the type of antique emporium one would encounter overseas” says business owner Jacqui Moskovitz. Antique and vintage furniture cost much the same as new upmarket furniture and increase in value, unlike new furniture. “Not only are antiques a great investment, they have history, they’re beautiful and they never date”, explains Jacqui. Combining antique and vintage pieces with modern furniture is stylish, sophisticated and adds warmth and character. Whether it is armoires, linen presses, cabinets, tables, chairs, settees, sofas, gilded furniture, chandeliers, lanterns, candelabras, silver or crystal accessories, The Crown Collection is the “one stop shop” for the discerning!


Forget everything you have ever experienced in the world of decorating with antique, French and vintage furniture at The Crown Collection store. Quirky, slightly eccentric and sometimes eclectic, this exquisite store arose from a lifelong passion by founders Jacqui Moskovitz and Colin Levin for beautiful and timeless furniture and a dream to have the largest selection of exclusive antiques and vintage pieces as well as highly decorative items to choose from. The stylish setting exudes a nuance of refinement & classic style. Tied to timeless and traditional principles of artistry and acknowledged quality, more than 5000 pieces of gorgeous antiques, French and classic furniture, exquisite silver and unique accessories are displayed in 20 uniquely ambient rooms. The Crown Collection, launched in the latter half of 2016 boasts the largest collection of mirrors, chandeliers, lanterns, armoires, chests, linen presses, tables, chairs, settees, couches, console tables, gilded furniture, candlesticks, candelabras, crystal, silver and many other accessories in South Africa.

When decorating their own home, an original farmhouse on a large piece of land in River Club, Sandton, they discovered that their taste and style had evolved quite dramatically. It became a challenge to source collections of antique/vintage silver, crystal, mirrors and other accessories, locally and Jacqui, a born entrepreneur, discovered there was not a single store in South Africa where one could find a large assortments of quality decorative items. Jacqui & Colin, who previously pioneered and owned an immensely successful nutraceutical company, turned their newly blazed enthusiasm to importing items for themselves and gained an in-depth experience of these unique antiques and decorative pieces.

Jacqui’s own refined style, sophistication and enthusiasm is intoxicating. Her unique ability to create understated and graceful drama to by adding just the right item of crystal, silver or gilt accessory to any room, abundant with large statement furniture, is simply enjoyable.  Jacqui, who has been known to buy outlandishly expensive and sometimes “edgy” pieces in order to offer something totally novel in the marketplace has scoured the globe to find these special sophisticated pieces at whatever the cost. Jacqui and Colin believe that The Crown Collection will stand true to “transforming spaces into dreams” for their clients.

In their home, the statement is bold & beautifully sophisticated… a truly fantastic experience. The unusual assortment of mirrors, crystal vases & decanters gracefully cohabiting with silver trays, candelabras and clocks, a feast to the senses. Whilst understanding the requirements of classic interior design, Jacqui and Colin also love the eclectic approach of mixing periods, styles and decorative pieces to create optimum effect. Jacqui believes that as people evolve, so too should their homes to reflect their unique personalities, individual style and sense of expression. “When we want furniture for our homes, we usually think of buying new items, but there are many reasons why antiques and vintage pieces are a better buy. Antique and vintage furniture cost much the same as new furniture and increase in value, unlike new furniture. Not only are antiques a great investment, but they have character and history, they’re beautiful and they never date”, explains Jacqui.


Jacqui Moskovitz
Jacqui MoskovitzDirector Marketing, Operations & Procurement
Jacqui is a co-founder of The Crown Collection. She was literally born into high end home decoration. Her formative years played out in one of Natal’s most exclusive homes, between wood panelled rooms and antique leather studded couches. At the time, her father was a highly respected property developer and city councillor who built and owned landmark hotels. Jacqui’s mother, a Grande Dame of Durban, worked with top interior designers and architects of her time ensuring that her homes were “talking pieces”. This is what shaped Jacqui to become the custodian of today’s Crown Collection. Jacqui is responsible for the marketing and operations and is in charge of procurement for The Crown Collection.
Colin Levin
Colin LevinDirector, Finance, Operations & Legal
B.Com, B.Com (Hons) (Wits), CEA, LCIBM

Colin is a co-founder of The Crown Collection. He is a member of the South African Chartered Institute of Business Management and lectured in Business Economics at the University of Witwatersrand, Midrand Campus (now Midrand University) and the South African German Chamber of Commerce’s Commercial Advancement Training Scheme. He holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce and an Honours degree in Business Economics. Having grown up in a furniture manufacturing family himself, Colin is Jacqui’s perfect sounding board. With his B.Com degree, Colin manages the finance, operations and legal side of the Crown Collection.

Allana Waisberg
Allana WaisbergAssociate Director (Store & Marketing)
B.Communications (Bond), B.Com(Bond), B.Com (Hons)(Univ of JHB)

Passionate, driven and dynamic, Allana is an Associate Director at The Crown Collection. Allana assists with just about every aspect of the business while overseeing the daily operations of the showroom. Having gained extensive marketing experience working for esteemed brands in the health and media industries for over a decade, Allana is responsible for the management of the marketing and advertising requirements for the business. She holds Bachelors degrees in Marketing and Communications and an Honours degree in Marketing. Having grown up in professionally decorated homes full of vintage and antique furniture as well as having experience in decorating a few small scale projects, Allana has a keen eye for detail and aesthetics.