With antique or vintage crystal and glass items in your decor arsenal, your options are limitless.

The biggest impact is when pieces are grouped together, so curate them en masse to bring an elegant touch to any room and a little glamour to everyday life. As a nod to subtle decadence, arrange decanters, water jugs and pitchers on an oversized silver gallery tray in your lounge. Upstyle cabinets with sets of vintage glasses, serving dishes and silver goblets.

Our collection of timeless vintage & antique crystal & glass items is functional & decorative and will enhance the beauty and sophistication of any space.

We love displaying collections of like objects in various shapes and sizes on a silver tray.

Please note that all Decanters, Tantaluses, Pitchers & Claret and Water Jugs are sold for their decorative value. Due to the nature and age of our items, flaws and imperfections form part of their character and authenticity.

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