If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind statement piece for your bathroom, then look no further than antique furniture or vintage accessories. Once you embrace the beauty of these accent pieces, there is no limit to your decor options, especially in modern spaces. From dressers, cabinets, screens and tables to chandeliers, mirrors, silver trays and candlesticks, each item chosen will be a luxury starting point or designer finishing touch to a contemporary bathroom. 

Beautifying your bathroom and making it gorgeous has less to do with ripping out tiles and fixtures but is rather all about bringing in an antique piece of furniture or vintage item. These sustainable items will add an unexpected aesthetic that is both characterful and charming.   

“The bathroom has become a sanctuary for some and has come to reflect the owner’s taste in more than just tile.”  -Rachel Horn, Residential Interior Designer

When you use traditional furniture in a non-traditional way, a very special design story starts to emerge. That is the allure of freestanding antique pieces and vintage accessorizing solutions. 

Say ‘Yes’ to the dresser 

Plumbing and storage are the two starting points for any bathroom brief which is why the versatility of an antique chest of drawers or a glass-fronted dresser belongs in a modern bathroom. 

Antique furniture for modern bathrooms

The storage of towels, toiletries and cosmetics makes these pieces –  in warm wooden or bleached tones – a functional and stylish upcycling solution. From formal or rustic to French chic, every bathroom deserves a dresser. 

Antique console tables and vintage chests of drawers also double up so elegantly as vanities. Add the marble top and the contemporary basin to complement the drawers to provide a little soul to your bathroom. If you are wanting to adapt an antique piece of furniture into a functional vanity, plumbing will need to be reworked by a professional – a small price to pay for the end result. 

Antique furniture for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the mirror 

There is no doubt that vintage mirrors will have your modern bathroom looking the ‘fairest of them all.’ A hand-gilded mirror is an antique item that will transform a generic contemporary bathroom into an inviting retreat as well as giving the illusion of space. Small or big, we’re in love with them all. 

Place a vintage-shaped mirror centrally above the vanity, or fill a wall with a large decorative antique mirror or a gallery of mirrors. Why not go bold with a mirrored screen? The fact is, you really cannot have too many mirrors in your main bathroom, guest bathroom or powder room. 

Amtique & vintage mirrors for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the chandelier

No matter what room they make an appearance in, chandeliers always offer that timeless ‘wow-factor.’ The simplest transformation in any contemporary bathroom is to hang an antique chandelier and some vintage wall sconces for major contrast and impact. They complement any style and add enchantment to an otherwise uninspiring utilitarian space. 

The romance and juxtaposition of a traditional antique chandelier in a modern bathroom bring texture, balance and harmony as well as introducing a little extra decor drama and just the right amount of glam. (There is only one rule – go as big as you can!).

Antique chandeliers for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the silver

Antique and vintage silver trays, accessories and objets d’art are making a huge come-back and what better place to display them than in a modern bathroom? They are the perfect solution for creating classically pretty and personalized vignettes. 

A collection of shiny silver candlesticks, soaps on a vintage silver tray and silver and crystal perfume bottles are just what a guest bathroom or powder room needs for some decadent personality and a boutique hotel statement. 

Antique & vintage silver silver for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the Crown Collection

Upstyling a modern bathroom with vintage or antique furniture and accessories starts at The Crown Collection, where you get to browse our hand-picked and curated collection of over 5000 pieces of collectables. 

For further inspiration on design principles for mixing and matching modern and antique pieces, updating a modern kitchen with vintage items or styling your main bedroom or a little girls’ room with antique finds, visit our blog page. 

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