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The aesthetic versatility of an antique armoire for every room

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An armoire is often referred to as the ‘queen of antiques,and rightly so. The outward grandeur and elegance of these versatile storage pieces are a quintessential ‘French style’ addition to any room in your home – no matter what your predominant decor style may be. Simply understated or boldly ornate, a vintage or antique armoire will always create visual interest and a functional focal point. 

In the 16th century, the original French ‘armarie’ was used to store weapons. But by the 17th century, their beauty and utilitarianism had evolved into the much-loved decor statement pieces we appreciate today. And we believe every home can benefit from a little French inspiration in the form of an antique armoire.

“Not only do armoires provide capacious storage and fantastic versatility, but their design impact is just what’s needed when you want to add some spice and energy to a room.” Mike Dietrich, interior designer.

Interior designers agree – few pieces add as much flair as an antique armoire. So let’s spice up the spaces in your home with armoires, linen presses, secretaires or bombe chests. (They even have us speaking a little French!)

‘La boudoir’ (The bedroom)

So much more than ‘just a wardrobe,’ a bedroom or dressing room is one of the spaces where a vintage or antique armoire is most at home. Even if you have built-in cupboards, there is no such thing as too much storage space. 

A bleached linen press or mirrored armoire adds so much character and romance. If you have the space, splurge on a bombe armoire. Looking for something smaller and grander than ‘just a chest of draws?’; a bombe chest (coming from the French word meaning “curved”), exudes French allure and your bedroom will immediately have a fairytale castle feel. 

Antique armoire bedroom

‘La salle de bain’ (The bathroom)

Bathrooms have really undergone a transformation as places of decor inspiration, making vintage and antique items seamless statement pieces. A glass-fronted secretaire makes perfect storage sense and is a delightful addition for displaying towels and toiletries without becoming too dominant in a smaller space. Beautifying your modern or traditional bathroom is as simple as adding an armoire

antique armoire bathroom

‘Le salon’ (The living room)

The living room is definitely a space to show off an antique armoire or secretaire; they complement any period or style and the craftsmanship and artisanal elements create an imposing presence. They can easily be adapted to house the TV or become a stylish drinks cabinet. If glass-fronted, they are the perfect backdrop to display books or curated collections of objets d’art. 

Antique armoire living room

‘Le hall d’entrée’ (The entrance hall)

Entrance halls are wonderful opportunities to play with antique or vintage furniture pieces. As these transitional areas don’t usually need a lot of furniture, a bombe chest or linen chest becomes a wonderful decor filler, creating visual charm and personality as soon as you enter your home. A mirrored armoire doubles as storage for shoes, jackets, umbrellas and everyday paraphernalia as well as reflecting light. 

‘La salle à manger’ (The dining room)

An antique armoire makes so much sense as a functional storage and refined decor solution in a dining room. Table linens, crockery, silverware and ceramic collections can all be housed or displayed beautifully in a charming linen press or glass-fronted armoire. A bombe chest works perfectly as a sideboard. And any of these pieces will work just as well in a kitchen. It’s all about visual story selling and conversation pieces. 

Antique armoire dining room & kitchen

La chambre d’amis (The guest room)

If you are absolutely in love with an antique armoire but don’t have place in any of the main living spaces, then the guest bedroom gives you an excuse to invest in one these timeless pieces. Linen cupboards are often absent in smaller contemporary home designs, and so a linen press in a guest room becomes the utilitarian and beautifully practical storage solution for overflow pillows, bed linens and guest towels. 

Antique linen press guest room

La collection couronne (The Crown Collection)

Antique armoires are probably one of the best investment pieces you could possibly acquire. They are versatile, functional, timeless and beautiful. Each armoire will enhance the character of the space it occupies as well as becoming a beloved piece of furniture. 

Find a piece to fall in love with at the Crown Collection where we have the largest curated collection of handpicked armoires, bookcases linen presses, secretaires and bombe chests. 

Shop online and we will deliver to your door or visit us at our Emporium at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston. 

(If you are not happy with the finish on any item, we will refinish your chosen piece of furniture with the following options: French polishing, hand gilding, paint techniques, bleaching, or staining darker or lighter). 

Decor tips for choosing a chandelier to suit your space

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From understated glamour to a bold signature wow factor, chandeliers transform spaces – any spaces. Richard Kelly, designer and pioneer of architectural lighting concepts, said that “visual truth lies in the structure of light.” His descriptive terminology – play of brilliance, focal glow and ambient luminescence – speaks to the bewitching, whimsical and sculptural beauty that is a modern, vintage or antique chandelier.


Lighting is one of the most important interior design elements; it can make or break a space. Choosing a chandelier to thoughtfully communicate with the other decor elements in a room is necessary to create customised style harmony and a show-stopping moment. 

The Space

Your space will always be a determining factor of the type and size of chandelier you choose. Although chandeliers are extremely versatile (and there are no real rules), there are some basic design principles that are worth considering before making the investment. 

No matter how beautiful, or how much you are in love with a certain chandelier, it needs to still make sense in your space. “Too many starlets in one room will create endless drama.” -Kelly Wearstler, interior designer. 

It’s all about visual decor hierarchy. 

VIntage & antique chandeliers to suit your space

  • If your room already has a number of statement pieces, a simpler, more understated chandelier will create balance and not be a visual distraction, fighting for your attention. 
  • If your decor style tends to be minimalist, then an ornate crystal chandelier will certainly create some much needed visual drama and anchor the space. Or go for a more modern sculptural or mid-century sputnik chandelier.  
  • Longer, narrower spaces (passages, entrance halls, kitchens or bathrooms), will benefit from a more linear chandelier to complement the spatial proportions. 

The Placing

Depending on the layout of your room, there are various solutions as to where to hang a chandelier (or two). Traditionally, they took pride of place in the centre of a room. But the current consensus is that furniture layout and functionality should dictate the placement.

  • If a chandelier is placed in an open space, where it can be walked under, the lowest point of the fixture should be a minimum of 2m from the floor or 30cm above head height. 
  • Over a dining table or kitchen island, there should be a 76cm to 90cm gap between the tabletop and the bottom of the chandelier. 

The placement of chandeliers

The Sizing

The scale of a chandelier should be in proportion to the room. The traditional (and imperial) ‘rule-of-thumb’ formula is as follows: room width (in feet) + length (in feet) = diameter of the chandelier (in inches). To convert that to the metric system, multiply your answer in inches by 2.5 to get centimetres. e.g. 12 feet (W) + 14 feet (L) = 26 inches (diameter) = 66cm. This will give you the minimum diameter size.

But the one cardinal rule to always follow, when it comes to chandeliers, is to go bigger rather than smaller. 

The Materials

All that glitters is not gold. But when we are talking about modern, vintage or antique chandeliers, then all that glitters is crystal, brass, bronze, glass and even wood or wrought iron. No wonder there is a chandelier to fit each and every space. 

Move aside soft furnishings, wallpaper and wooden floors, because chandeliers bring just as much texture, layering, warmth and functionality to a room. (They don’t just look pretty!). 

Types of chandeliers

  • Brass: The timeless elegance of antique brass and glass lanterns retains a simple contemporary edge. Brass is a warm metal and a wonderful complement to a variety of decor styles and eras. Traditionally ornate or modern minimalist, brass chandeliers create a sense of intimacy and they never go out of fashion. 
  • Crystal: It’s not hard to fall under the spell of a sparkling crystal chandelier; the way they transform a room and reflect soft light is breathtaking. From feminine romance to grand elegance, there is no excuse to not include a crystal chandelier somewhere in your home. There is also nothing more beautiful than combining a crystal chandelier with rustic accessories. And if you have smaller spaces, an alcove or just want a chandelier to hang on either side of your bed, then  “Chandelettes” (mini crystal chandeliers) are an ideal decor solution. 
  • Wood: Not everyone is drawn to the more classic crystal or brass chandelier aesthetic. If you prefer natural materials, then chandeliers made from reclaimed wood, wooden beads (or even shells) are just as desirable and will up the ante in mid-century and modern spaces. 
  • Wrought iron: Whether it is a set of smaller lanterns, a large square lantern, a hexagonal lantern or an ornate chandelier, wrought iron fixtures are durable, timeless and versatile. The artistry and craftsmanship that goes into wrought iron chandeliers add immediate charm and interest to any space – indoors or outdoors.

Wrought iron lanterns & chandeliers

The Crown Collection

The curated selection of vintage and antique chandeliers at the Crown Collection interior decor emporium is extensive. No matter the size, the shape or the material – you are likely to find the exact fixture to be the lighting wow factor in your space. 

So prepare to be mesmerized as you shop the chandelier of your dreams – either online or at our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive in Bryanston. 


Make an entrance with antique & vintage furniture choices

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Perhaps you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover,’ but you can definitely judge a home by its entrance hall or foyer. And if you are fortunate to have one of these welcoming ‘walk through’ spaces, then you are in an enviable position of sourcing antique or vintage furniture pieces; the ideal accompaniment to any entrance hall. 

Even though guests are not likely to spend a lot of time in your entrance hall, it is the introduction to your home; the unspoken first impression. Adding vintage or antique furniture pieces to an entryway will elevate the overall decor aesthetic and appeal of your home. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors certainly top our list of versatile antique or vintage pieces. There is not a room in your home that wouldn’t benefit from a vintage mirror and an entrance hall is just crying out for one. Not only will they give an expanded illusion of space but they also add functionality and your guests will always thank you. No matter what size mirror you choose, the transformation will be huge. (And who says you have to hang a mirror on the wall?).

Antique or vintage mirrors for entrance halls

Take a seat

If you have some dead space in your entrance hall, then adding one or two occasional chairs creates a tête-à-tête moment. You can go grand with dome chairs, elegant with upholstered chairs inspired by French kings or British queens, or simple with a couple of neo-classical stinkwood dining chairs or a fruitwood sandveld riempie bench. You may not sit in them, but the invitation to do so is tempting. Once again – you get to play with colour and pattern as these stand-alone pieces will create their own story. 

Antique Dome chairs

Don’t be square

A round table is the perfect antique furniture piece for larger entrance halls. No matter what wood finish you choose, the casual elegance of an accessorised round table is unmatched. From fresh flowers in a statement vase to coffee table books and vintage objets d’art, the aesthetic can change whenever you like. 

This is also the perfect time to mention that if you do have the space for a round (or square) table, then you also have the space to finish off your entryway vignette with an antique chandelier or vintage lantern. A chandelier – aka ‘decor jewellery’ for interior spaces – will be the ultimate finishing touch for your entrance hall. 

Antique & vintage tables

Who let the dogs out?

Welcome your guests with a smile. An entrance hall can easily become a space for a little wit and whimsy; antique style. A couple of concrete dogs, a bust or mirrored obelisks will not go amiss in the entryway and are likely to be conversion starters as soon as your guests enter your home.

VIntage concrete dogs, busts & urns

Light the way

Smaller and narrow antique console or sofa tables are the ultimate entrance hall solution for placing keys, handbags etc. But they also double-up as a display surface for that vintage desk lamp that you absolutely love or a pair of silver candelabras or candlesticks. The softer glow of a wall sconce or desk lamp (or two) adds immediate appeal as you enter your home – morning, noon and night. 

Antique lamps

A welcome rug

The best way to ‘roll out the red carpet’ for your guests is to place a time-tested vintage rug in your entryway. This colourful, patterned welcome not only defines the space but gives it presence, making guests pause as they enter your home. 

Antique carpets and rugs have a long history and will add such warmth and richness to your entrance hall and are proven to handle lots of foot traffic. 

The flat-woven elegant motifs and floral designs in earthy tones of Bessarabian kilims, the intricate and brightly coloured medallion designs of a Karabakh carpet or the 3-dimensional handmade tapestry weaving of a French Aubusson rug will add a timeless and classical narrative to any interior and are worth the investment. 

Antique and vintage rugs

A work of art

Adding vintage and antique pieces to an entrance hall couldn’t be simpler than hanging art. Art also makes a statement about who you are. Foyers are standalone spaces, making them the perfect areas to play around with furniture and accessories. And what better way than showcasing a statement artwork or a gallery wall of antique frames or vintage botanical prints?

Anitque & vintage art

Welcome to the Crown Collection

Inspiration for the entrance to your home starts at the Crown Collection, where a curated and handpicked collection of over 5000 antique and vintage furniture items awaits. Personalize your home by shopping online or visiting our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston. 

Our professional onsite services include upholstery in fabrics of your choice, french polishing, hand gilding, paint techniques, bleaching furniture and staining in lighter or darker shades. 

Browse all our collections.

Fall in love with antique furniture & vintage pieces for your bathroom

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If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind statement piece for your bathroom, then look no further than antique furniture or vintage accessories. Once you embrace the beauty of these accent pieces, there is no limit to your decor options, especially in modern spaces. From dressers, cabinets, screens and tables to chandeliers, mirrors, silver trays and candlesticks, each item chosen will be a luxury starting point or designer finishing touch to a contemporary bathroom. 

Beautifying your bathroom and making it gorgeous has less to do with ripping out tiles and fixtures but is rather all about bringing in an antique piece of furniture or vintage item. These sustainable items will add an unexpected aesthetic that is both characterful and charming.   

“The bathroom has become a sanctuary for some and has come to reflect the owner’s taste in more than just tile.”  -Rachel Horn, Residential Interior Designer

When you use traditional furniture in a non-traditional way, a very special design story starts to emerge. That is the allure of freestanding antique pieces and vintage accessorizing solutions. 

Say ‘Yes’ to the dresser 

Plumbing and storage are the two starting points for any bathroom brief which is why the versatility of an antique chest of drawers or a glass-fronted dresser belongs in a modern bathroom. 

Antique furniture for modern bathrooms

The storage of towels, toiletries and cosmetics makes these pieces –  in warm wooden or bleached tones – a functional and stylish upcycling solution. From formal or rustic to French chic, every bathroom deserves a dresser. 

Antique console tables and vintage chests of drawers also double up so elegantly as vanities. Add the marble top and the contemporary basin to complement the drawers to provide a little soul to your bathroom. If you are wanting to adapt an antique piece of furniture into a functional vanity, plumbing will need to be reworked by a professional – a small price to pay for the end result. 

Antique furniture for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the mirror 

There is no doubt that vintage mirrors will have your modern bathroom looking the ‘fairest of them all.’ A hand-gilded mirror is an antique item that will transform a generic contemporary bathroom into an inviting retreat as well as giving the illusion of space. Small or big, we’re in love with them all. 

Place a vintage-shaped mirror centrally above the vanity, or fill a wall with a large decorative antique mirror or a gallery of mirrors. Why not go bold with a mirrored screen? The fact is, you really cannot have too many mirrors in your main bathroom, guest bathroom or powder room. 

Amtique & vintage mirrors for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the chandelier

No matter what room they make an appearance in, chandeliers always offer that timeless ‘wow-factor.’ The simplest transformation in any contemporary bathroom is to hang an antique chandelier and some vintage wall sconces for major contrast and impact. They complement any style and add enchantment to an otherwise uninspiring utilitarian space. 

The romance and juxtaposition of a traditional antique chandelier in a modern bathroom bring texture, balance and harmony as well as introducing a little extra decor drama and just the right amount of glam. (There is only one rule – go as big as you can!).

Antique chandeliers for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the silver

Antique and vintage silver trays, accessories and objets d’art are making a huge come-back and what better place to display them than in a modern bathroom? They are the perfect solution for creating classically pretty and personalized vignettes. 

A collection of shiny silver candlesticks, soaps on a vintage silver tray and silver and crystal perfume bottles are just what a guest bathroom or powder room needs for some decadent personality and a boutique hotel statement. 

Antique & vintage silver silver for modern bathrooms

Say ‘Yes’ to the Crown Collection

Upstyling a modern bathroom with vintage or antique furniture and accessories starts at The Crown Collection, where you get to browse our hand-picked and curated collection of over 5000 pieces of collectables. 

For further inspiration on design principles for mixing and matching modern and antique pieces, updating a modern kitchen with vintage items or styling your main bedroom or a little girls’ room with antique finds, visit our blog page. 

Shop online or visit our antique studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston. An emporium of decor inspiration awaits.


‘Update’ a contemporary main bedroom with antique or vintage furniture

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Transforming and personalizing your main bedroom is as simple as adding antique or vintage furniture items – even in a contemporary space. The design principles of balance, harmony and proportion are expressed in the use of colour, shape, texture and style, and the master suite is the easiest space to play with these concepts. All it takes is one or two vintage finds to elevate the feel and look. 

Mixing older items with modern pieces is one of the easiest decor tricks. And the main bedroom is a wonderful starting point as antique or vintage furniture will always add depth, richness and contrast – exactly the cohesive design aesthetic you are wanting to achieve. 

Start with some storage

Additional storage in a bedroom is a no-brainer and yet often lacking in contemporary spaces. (Where will you put all your shoes?). This is where antique furniture and vintage items for the master bedroom really come into their own. Chests of drawers, dressing tables and pedestals are not only functional but strikingly beautiful and there are so many options to choose from. If your room is small, then vintage trunks can be a special utilitarian addition for storing blankets and linen. 

Antique or vintage furniture for main bedrooms

And then you get the timeless beauty of armoires. (Who doesn’t dream of one of these antique or vintage furniture pieces in their main bedroom?). From TVs to hanging and shelving space, an armoire is your BFF design solution. Armoires provide fantastic versatility and their imposing presence and design impact are just what a master suite needs. 

Antique or vintage furniture for main bedrooms

Sit awhile

Besides sleeping, the main bedroom can always do with a small seating area – even if that is just an occasional chair. A gilded and upholstered antique or vintage chair is often the one piece that can make a whole room; they are small enough to fit into a cosy corner but make a big impact. 

Antique or vintage furniture for main bedrooms

If you have a monochromatic modern space, then a colourful splash of pattern from an antique chair will be just the right playful statement in a minimalist space – be that in the main bedroom or dressing room. 

Occasional chairs for main bedrooms

Accessorize with a little bling

A touch of gold, a hint of silver and a little bit of sparkle will never be amiss in any space. Glamming up your main bedroom with vintage chandeliers or mirrors is always the finishing touch. 

The one place a mirror is never out of place is in a bedroom; it is as important as any other piece of bedroom furniture. The main bedroom becomes the perfect backdrop for a vintage mirror and the opportunity to create a gorgeous vignette. 

Antique chest of drawers and mirror

The pièce de résistance is, of course, a chandelier. From a central oversized antique crystal chandelier or a vintage wrought iron chandelier to hanging a smaller pair of chandeliers on either side of the bed, there is every reason to have one. Their sparkling beauty and elegant charm are the perfect lighting solution to ‘upstyle’ your space. 

vintage chandeliers

Go big with an opium bed

The bed should always be the focal point and hero piece in the main bedroom. if you are really wanting a big and bold decor narrative (and have the space) why not go with a decorative antique opium bed? There is nothing that says luxury quite like one of these statement pieces! It will add beauty, character and a nostalgic nod to the past. 

Antique Opium bed

Don’t forget the walls

An often forgotten surface in the main bedroom is the walls. From a gallery wall of framed paintings to a vintage tapestry or wall hanging, your master suite walls are crying out for a little artistic, textured and patterned personality. 

Wall hangings & tapestries

Any of these antique and vintage furniture choices will boost the beauty of your contemporary space as well as adding much-needed layering and a bespoke attitude to your main bedroom, resulting in a designer retreat where you cannot wait to escape to.  

Visit the Crown Collection

The Crown Collection Emporium is where your decor journey begins. For antique, French, bleached and vintage furniture items, the perfect piece awaits – online or at our studio (20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston). 

And if you find the perfect antique or vintage item for your main bedroom but are not happy with the finish, we can professionally strip it, stain it, bleach it or gild it so that it suits your space perfectly. 

For inspiration on decorating a little girl’s bedroom with pink and gold vintage or antique items, read more here. 

Start your vintage and antique decor journey today.

Furnish your WFH space with an Antique Desk etc…

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With WFH (work from home) being the order of the day, decorating your study or home office to be a place of motivation and productivity has become a decor decision. And antique furniture items are trending in the individualized design of these spaces. From antique desks, bookcases and rugs to vintage lamps and objets d’art, your designated workspace will certainly stand out on your next Zoom call or Google Meet. 

A WFH space is first and foremost about the desk and this is where antique furniture ranks high as a durable and sustainable option. The desk is undoubtedly the anchor statement in any office as it is where your business takes place. 

So, even if you are not the boss, no one said you can’t feel like one! It all begins with an antique desk as your sophisticated hero piece.

Antique desks

But the desk is just the starting point and from there you get to have some fun. Play with vintage and antique items to curate a personalised and bespoke WFH space that is not only solidly functional but is ‘dressed’ for success.

Impress your space

A designated study has always had a timeless allure; from waistcoated gentlemen smoking cigars to the romance associated with Jane Austen penning her novels at her sloped writing desk. And no matter what your decor inspiration may be, antique items can easily be added to complement any style. 

Besides adding character, an antique desk, rug or framed artwork will also add an element of slow furniture sustainability. The natural materials and craftsmanship will elegantly style your study or home office area.

Antique desks

If you have the space, add the visual aesthetic of a large Flemish oak pedestal desk with leather inlay or choose a Victorian style mahogany desk. The artisanal element will be an investment that will last 100s of years. 

If you don’t have a designated study and need to convert a corner of your living room, antique desks should still be your solution to create a really beautiful office cameo. 

Antique desks

For millennials – whose WFH space comprises a laptop and a mandatory cup of caffeine or green tea – a smaller console table or writing desk, a Victorian davenport or a French escritoire – partnered with a modern chair – will certainly be a mental motivator and muse. It’s all about mixing and matching old and new

Impress your colleagues

Working from home means endless Zoom calls and Google meets. Antique or vintage items are the easiest way to Impress your colleagues. Start by ditching the generic green screen and adding a well placed antique bookcase into the frame as your impressive backdrop. Of course, you will need to stage it with a few antique books and Jane Austen classics as well as a curated collection of vintage objets d’art. 

Antique bookcase

And if you don’t have the space to partner a bookcase with your antique desk, then what is serious study without a well-positioned telescope

Antique telescope

Impress your boss or clients

When the occasion arises to meet with clients or your boss in your personal WFH space, you can’t go wrong by showcasing a French rosewood or Edwardian oak tantalus, complemented by a vintage lamp or vintage globe perched atop your antique desk. Or you could go really big and invest in a globe drinks cabinet (It will set you back a pretty penny, but we don’t think you will regret it!). 

Antique desks

Each antique piece of furniture that you add to your home office will not only be a tasteful invitation to enjoy your day job but will increase in value over time, making each item a wise investment. 

Be impressed with the Crown Collection

Whatever your WFH space looks like, you will find the exact antique desk or vintage accessories at the Crown Collection emporium. Browse and shop online and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Or pop in at our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, where we will happily assist and advise. 

From over 5000 antique, French, contemporary and vintage pieces, your WFH space makeover starts right here.

Vintage Pieces for Girls’ Bedrooms – A Feminine Touch of Pink & Gold

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‘Sugar and spice and all things vintage-inspired – that’s what little girls rooms are made of.’  Well, that is our approach when it comes to decorating girls’ bedrooms with vintage pieces and antique furniture. A feminine designer touch and a love for some weathered whimsical sophistication become the individuality that will magically transform any little girl’s space. 

The juxtaposition of vintage or antique furniture in a modern space brings a calming balance that is inviting, personalised and timeless. And what better place to add these vintage pieces that tell a story than in a little girl’s bedroom?

Placing the right antique or vintage statement pieces in a modern setting is not only an art form but will give new life to any room’s decor.  

A touch of vintage pink and gold – and of course, a little sparkle – is all it takes to give a little girl the bedroom of her dreams. 

A touch of pink and white

Of course, when considering a vintage piece to add to a girl’s bedroom, it doesn’t have to be pink. But the softness and gentleness of pastel pink for a sleeping space is sure to entice some fairy dust and lullabies. Pink is also a wonderful ‘neutral’ complementary colour to so many other shades – grey, white navy, back, blue, green and yellow. 

  • An antique or vintage settee or chair – A little gilded settee or a French chair, reupholstered in a pastel pink fabric, will be the invitation to spend a while in any bedroom. (At the Crown Collection, our onsite upholstery service provides top-quality re-upholstery solutions in most finishes and in the fabric of your choice). 

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

  • White or bleached items – a pink palette’s absolute delight is white furniture options – from the bed and dressing table to a French-style armoire or chest of draws. (It really is ok to paint antique furniture and give it a fresh upcycled look. Whatever the finish, we can achieve that for you – from French polishing, hand gilding, paint techniques, bleaching and staining).

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

  • Kists and trunksSpace is often limited in little girls’ bedrooms and creative storage solutions are required. Cue vintage trunks or antique kists – the versatile and functional options for storing toys, dress-up clothes and extra shoes and clothing (as she grows). 

The Midas touch

All that glitters in a little girl’s room belongs in the realm of golden touches and gilded edges. This is where vintage pieces truly come into their own, adding an unmatched romantic statement.  

  • Gilded mirrorsVintage mirrors are the obvious place to start and every little girl’s bedroom needs an ornamental mirror – for twirling, curling and make-up. (We did an entire blog on vintage mirrors as jewellery for any room).  Decorative gilded antique ‘looking glasses’ – from Baroque to French chic – are a decor trend that is sticking around (and will make any bedroom Instagram-worthy). 
  • Gilded occasional chairs – As little girls grow, they may want to leave the pink girliness behind and embrace bolder vintage statement pieces in the form of gilded occasional chairs. There are so many styles to choose from; it all comes down to preference, space and budget to find a vintage chair that is just right for the space. From French gilded armchairs and Bergere Style chairs to the elegance of gilded rattan back armchairs, there is a chair to suit any girl’s bedroom. 

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

  • Gilded ottomans – Round or rectangular, ottomans are a delightful and fun addition to any bedroom. A gilded twist is a perfect balance to the plushness of the deep-buttoned upholstery choices. Use as bedside tables, dressing table stools or simple accent pieces – perfect for growing princesses. 

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

A touch of sparkle

No girl’s room is complete until it boasts a little vintage bling – the pièce de résistance items that define a ‘girls only’ space and add the much-needed sparkle.  

Vintage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

The Crown Collection touch

The inspiration for creating a bedroom fit for a princess that seamlessly boasts vintage pieces or antique furniture starts at The Crown Collection – an emporium that showcases more than 5000 pieces of handpicked French, antique and vintage items. It’s all about having fun and repurposing pieces of history to fit our modern interiors. 

Shop online or in-store at our studio (20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston).


5 Ways to Incorporate Antique Furniture into a Modern Kitchen

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Antiques are not only rising in value, they are rising in popularity. Layering vintage and antique furniture with contemporary pieces and modern decor is a design trend aesthetic that has the industry excited. Decorating with antiques satisfies an innate need to feel a connection to the past, rooted in stories that have shaped the world we live in today. These slow furniture pieces, in a fast-paced world, hold immense charm and deserve to have a place in our homes.  

But how do you incorporate these vintage items and antique furniture pieces into a modern space and still create a balance of old and new that is seamless, timeless and beautiful? How do you make it work? 

Let’s look at the kitchen – the heart of the home – as a case study of how antique family heirlooms or collector’s items can ‘upcycle’ a contemporary kitchen with a touch of old-world charm. 

Unless you are dealing with a complete renovation overhaul or building from scratch, a kitchen is one space in your home that you just have to live with. 

Until now… 

We have 5 reasons that will make you fall in love with your modern kitchen space and want to hang out there, and they all have to do with antique furniture and vintage pieces:

#1 Add a table

An antique table is the simplest way to add some unique character and personality to a modern kitchen. The juxtaposition of the warm wood tones against a sleek and minimalist kitchen backdrop creates an unexpected harmony that will keep family and guests gathered in that space. 

Antique furniture Table in Modern kitchen

An 18th/19th Century French farm table – with a bread drawer and a second drawer for your other needs – is perfect for a larger kitchen.

(And if that becomes your official dining space, then you will want to read our blog on mixing and matching contemporary and antique dining room tables and chairs).

#2 Add an island

If you have an open-plan kitchen that is crying out for an island, then think “antiques.” No matter what size your kitchen may be, you can introduce an antique console table or desk to fit the space. If you like, you can even spend a little more and add a granite or marble top to coordinate with your current kitchen work surfaces. This will be a “hero” piece and create some wow factor, no matter what the rest of your kitchen looks like. 

Antique FUrniture Table modern kitchen island

#3 Add a chandelier (or two)

In the last few years, kitchens have morphed from being merely functional workspaces to places of design interest. Lighting has played a big role in this transformation. From pendant lights to centrepieces, this is where you can have fun in your kitchen. Depending on your budget, vintage or antique chandeliers will be the talk of your contemporary kitchen

(A word of warning – chandeliers have the power to make you swoon, so the kitchen will not be the last place you add one of these glittering lovelies!).

Antique & vintage chandeliers modern kitchen island

#4 Add a clock 

The kitchen is the one space in your home where a featured clock is a must. So why not go really big and add an antique grandfather clock to an empty wall? This is functional art in your kitchen and will be a definite statement piece and conversation starter. 

Life’s rhythms of meal prep and family gatherings will be in perfect sync with the addition of a decorative vintage clock on the wall. There are no design rules with this one – you can be as eclectic or as traditional as you like – go Victorian with a pendulum winder or ornate Rococo. 

An antique clock in your modern kitchen may be out of time, but it will never be out of place. 

Antique & VIntage Clocks modern kitchen island

#5 Add some silver

Contemporary minimalist kitchens can become generic and clinical, hence the need for a little decadent decoration in the form of antique or vintage silverware. We are not talking clutter or OTT – the ‘less is more’ design principle still applies – but we are suggesting that a well thought out silver collection on open shelves, or perhaps a vintage wine cooler holding your kitchen utensils, are a perfect and effortless culinary nod to the past.  

Antique & vintage silverware modern kitchen

Add the Crown Collection to your online bookmarks

We could go on and on and suggest you add a versatile antique armoire to your kitchen to house your crockery and tablecloths, or even your pantry staples. But what we hope we have done is whet your appetite to visit our antique emporium – online or in-store (at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston). 

With over 5000 handpicked and curated vintage and antique collectables on show, we cannot wait to see how you add a piece or two to your modern spaces


Antique Furniture Styles of 3 British Queens

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Long, long ago, there lived three queens – Mary, Anne and Victoria – and each influenced the furniture designs of their day. Today, we still get to appreciate antique items that pay homage to their signature styles. Previously, we delved into the nuanced antique furniture styles of three iconic French kings, and so it is only fitting to curtsey and honour the feminine influence of three English queens. 

Antique furniture designs that reflect the reigns of Mary, Anne and Victoria developed in a timeline that was framed within a unique political and socio-economic context and this was interpreted by craftsmen over the centuries.   

Introducing Queen Mary

We cannot talk about Mary without referencing her husband, the Dutch prince, William of Orange, who overthrew the King of England and ruled the land with Mary, the King’s daughter. In the world of antiques, they are fondly remembered for the furniture pieces they introduced. (Antique items from this period are also referred to as early Baroque). 

To date, Jacobean furniture had been dark and heavy with a block design. But William and Mary (W&M) commissioned pieces that were comfortable and versatile. Thanks to the Baroque, Flemish and Dutch building traditions, W&M furniture, although still dark, was thin and lightweight with highly decorative and elegant characteristics. Mostly made from maple and walnut, lacquer and other paint finishes were used to bring out the finished look. ​​

Butterfly tables became popular during the W&M era. Today, W&M embellished antique pieces (1690 – 1725), with their softer curves, elegant spiral designs, embellishments, turned legs, and high backed chairs are rare and highly valued by antique furniture collectors. 

Introducing Queen Anne 

During the reign of Queen Anne, there was an increase in social interaction and this prompted furniture designs that were elegant, versatile and multifunctional with minimal ornamentation and embellishments. There was also a definite influence from Asian culture and design. (Antique items from this period are also referred to as late Baroque). 

Lighter woods such as maple, walnut and cherry were used and the Queen Anne chair was the first seat designed with a cushion for comfort. It had vase-shaped back splat and S-curved cabriole legs with padded, slipper or Spanish feet. Simple shell or fan motifs were carved into the wood and there was a focus on negative space. 

Antique furniture Styles Queen Anne

Introducing Queen Victoria

Antique furniture from Queen Victoria’s reign was influenced by Gothic, Rococo and Louis XV furniture styles and became more ornate with plush, heavy fabrics. As the Victorian era overlapped with the Industrial Revolution, it was the first style of furniture to be mass-produced, changing furniture making forever. The Chesterfield style couch also made a comeback during the Victorian era.

Chairs and sofas were manufactured with low arms or no arms to accommodate the ladies’ voluminous skirts and gilding was added as a decorative feature. Antique furniture pieces from this era (1840 – 1910) include oak, walnut, mahogany and rosewood. A key feature of Victorian design in complementing the furniture was the use of tapestries and wallpaper with intricate patterns and bold jewel-tone colours. 

Antique Furniture styles Victorian

If you are looking to add Victorian antique pieces to your home, less is probably more to avoid your scheme becoming too overdone. An accent piece will make a bold statement when paired with a modern interior. (Take note of our tips when mixing and matching contemporary and antique furniture).

A royal tour at the Crown Collection

If you are looking for a style that is fit for a queen, then a visit to the Crown Collection (aptly named) is an experience that cannot be matched. With vintage and antique furniture pieces and objets d’art, this is any collector’s dream space to wander and browse – online or in-store. 

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Queen Anne & Victorian Antique Furniture Styles

The Crown Collection is not your regular antique store but rather a curated collection of over 5000 carefully hand-picked pieces specifically chosen for their decorative appeal. You will be captivated by the classic and eclectic range of French, vintage, and contemporary furniture and accessories that are available.

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The Iconic Antique Furniture Styles of 3 French Kings

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The French influence on food, fashion and furniture is unmatched. From chateaus and castles to bijous apartments and villas, the history and romantic allure are hard to resist. We’ve escaped to the chateaux and now it is time to go regal and explore the antique furniture lineage that characterised the reigns of three iconic French Kings. 

No matter how minimalist or simple your design personality may be, there is a deep longing in each of us to own a decadent piece of French antique furniture that is just a touch OTT and super-luxurious. 

From the ornamental and cluttered interiors of Versailles, the reigns of Louis XIV, XV and XVI lasted from 1643 to 1793 (when Marie Antoinette lost her head), giving us a design legacy that speaks to French culture, imperialism and political power. Antique lovers are grateful that furniture design and influence from this period has lived on, gracing interiors. 

“You can see the influence of the Kings Louis in Art Nouveau, Art Deco, multiple Victorian revivals and even in 20th-century designs.” – Dennis Harrington, head of Sotheby’s English and European Furniture Department. 

When it comes to the three Louis’, it is all about the chairs. So let’s familiarise ourselves with the basics of their signature styles and explore exactly what makes antique furniture chairs and sofas, named after these kings, so desirable:

Louis XIV – The Sun King

Louis XIV-style antique chair designs are a reflection of the Sun KIng’s obsession with power, influence and style. The chairs are grand in scale, sumptuous and symmetrical. Even with the addition of upholstery, they are quite masculine and throne-like. Louis XIV’s reign is referred to as “Le Grand Siècle” (the Great Century​), and the high linear backs, rectangular designs, elaborate carvings and strong arms and legs are associated with a monarch who favoured absolute power. 

If you are able to get your hands on an antique Louis XIV chair, add some opulent drama by letting it take pride of place as a head dining room chair or a gentleman’s chair in a study or whisky room. 

Louis XIV French Antique Furniture

Louis XV – The Beloved

Instead of power, Louis the XV pursued pleasure. He moved his court from Versailles to Paris and the chair designs reflected the more intimate social settings of the nobility. 

The scale of the chairs was much smaller and the designs more fluid with gently curved lines and slightly asymmetrical and decorative meandering floral carvings, mouldings, gilding and s-shaped cabriole legs. To satisfy the Nobility’s craving for comfort and upholstery, seat springs were added and upholstery had a lighter, feminine charm. The romance and comfort of a Louis XV chair is a delightful addition to any boudoir or sitting room. 

Louis XV French Antique Furniture

Louis XVI – The Restorer

Louis XVI-style antique chairs celebrate neoclassical style. As the French were influenced by the Enlightenment, they started venturing beyond Paris and frivolity was set aside. 

Furniture styles of this era started mirroring neoclassical architecture, emphasizing straight lines, geometric forms and classical motifs. Chairs still retained the smaller scale of Louis XV’s influence, but the backs of Canapé sofa settees evolved into controlled arcs instead of the voluptuous curves from the previous era. Chair legs were tapered and fluted in the style of a Roman column, and Greek palmettes replaced carved flowers. 

The clean aesthetic and elegant pared-back ornamentation of Louis XVI chairs and sofas fit any interior design narrative. Your home deserves a few of these beautiful accent statement pieces. 

Louis XVI French Antique Furniture

The Crown Collection – The royal treatment

There is no doubt as to the enduring appeal of any of the Louis-style chairs. As an Antique furniture lover, it is worth it to say you own one. 

For those who love and appreciate all things French-inspired, sourcing quality antique furniture, tapestries, chandeliers and objet d’art is literally on your South African online doorstep at the Crown Collection. 

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