With WFH (work from home) being the order of the day, decorating your study or home office to be a place of motivation and productivity has become a decor decision. And antique furniture items are trending in the individualized design of these spaces. From antique desks, bookcases and rugs to vintage lamps and objets d’art, your designated workspace will certainly stand out on your next Zoom call or Google Meet. 

A WFH space is first and foremost about the desk and this is where antique furniture ranks high as a durable and sustainable option. The desk is undoubtedly the anchor statement in any office as it is where your business takes place. 

So, even if you are not the boss, no one said you can’t feel like one! It all begins with an antique desk as your sophisticated hero piece.

Antique desks

But the desk is just the starting point and from there you get to have some fun. Play with vintage and antique items to curate a personalised and bespoke WFH space that is not only solidly functional but is ‘dressed’ for success.

Impress your space

A designated study has always had a timeless allure; from waistcoated gentlemen smoking cigars to the romance associated with Jane Austen penning her novels at her sloped writing desk. And no matter what your decor inspiration may be, antique items can easily be added to complement any style. 

Besides adding character, an antique desk, rug or framed artwork will also add an element of slow furniture sustainability. The natural materials and craftsmanship will elegantly style your study or home office area.

Antique desks

If you have the space, add the visual aesthetic of a large Flemish oak pedestal desk with leather inlay or choose a Victorian style mahogany desk. The artisanal element will be an investment that will last 100s of years. 

If you don’t have a designated study and need to convert a corner of your living room, antique desks should still be your solution to create a really beautiful office cameo. 

Antique desks

For millennials – whose WFH space comprises a laptop and a mandatory cup of caffeine or green tea – a smaller console table or writing desk, a Victorian davenport or a French escritoire – partnered with a modern chair – will certainly be a mental motivator and muse. It’s all about mixing and matching old and new

Impress your colleagues

Working from home means endless Zoom calls and Google meets. Antique or vintage items are the easiest way to Impress your colleagues. Start by ditching the generic green screen and adding a well placed antique bookcase into the frame as your impressive backdrop. Of course, you will need to stage it with a few antique books and Jane Austen classics as well as a curated collection of vintage objets d’art. 

Antique bookcase

And if you don’t have the space to partner a bookcase with your antique desk, then what is serious study without a well-positioned telescope

Antique telescope

Impress your boss or clients

When the occasion arises to meet with clients or your boss in your personal WFH space, you can’t go wrong by showcasing a French rosewood or Edwardian oak tantalus, complemented by a vintage lamp or vintage globe perched atop your antique desk. Or you could go really big and invest in a globe drinks cabinet (It will set you back a pretty penny, but we don’t think you will regret it!). 

Antique desks

Each antique piece of furniture that you add to your home office will not only be a tasteful invitation to enjoy your day job but will increase in value over time, making each item a wise investment. 

Be impressed with the Crown Collection

Whatever your WFH space looks like, you will find the exact antique desk or vintage accessories at the Crown Collection emporium. Browse and shop online and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Or pop in at our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston, where we will happily assist and advise. 

From over 5000 antique, French, contemporary and vintage pieces, your WFH space makeover starts right here.