Say ‘Yes’ to an antique chest of drawers or chest-on-chest

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If you could choose just one piece of furniture to make a bold statement in any or every space of your home, an antique chest of drawers or chest-on-chest is likely to make it to the top of your list. The simple reason is that they offer three distinct decor advantages: they are beautiful, sturdy and functional. What more could you want from a piece of furniture? 

But anyone on the hunt for one of these versatile storage pieces does need to be warned – the artisanal detailing, striking hardware, genuine wood finishes and handcrafted elegance of an antique chest of drawers will make you long for more than just one. After all, they work for towels in your bathroom, linen in the passageway nook, clothing in the bedroom, stationary in the study, odds and ends in the hallway, crockery and cutlery in the kitchen and dinnerware in the dining room. 

Need we say more? Well, perhaps just a little…

Antique chest of drawers

The beauty of a Bombe chest of drawers

The irresistible allure of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve’s bombe chest in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has transcended the fairy tale realm and comfortably takes its place in the real decor world. 

Coming from the French word meaning ‘curved’, an antique bombe chest is the simplest way to add a little French character, feminine charm and romantic flair to your decor story. 

Antique bombe chests

Go for a natural or varnished walnut, mahogany or rosewood bombe chest with ball feet if you are more traditional, or a distressed or painted (in any colour) version with slender legs if you prefer a more contemporary statement. Either way, the elegance cannot be matched. And If you really want a bold accent piece, then a chinoiserie-style lacquered bombe chest with Chinese motifs is a unique addition.

Besides their fantastic storage solutions, bombe chests offer accessorising creativity which adds an extra layer of design personality or decor whimsy wherever they are placed. Pop one in your entrance hall, make a dramatic statement in your bathroom or let it be the focal point in your bedroom or dressing room. 

The elegance of a Tallboy chest-on-chest

Could anything be better than an antique chest of drawers? May we suggest an antique chest-on-chest? More commonly referred to as a ‘Tallboy’ by the Brits or ‘Highboy’ by the Americans, this stately piece actually belongs to the French. ‘Tall’ or ‘high’ comes from its height and ‘bois’ is ‘wood’ in French. This is definitely where beauty and function pair up to create ‘high’ drama. 

Antique Tallboy chest-on-chest

The chest-on-chest (or chest-on-stand) first made an appearance in the late Queen Anne period and is simply 2 pieces that stack vertically to make one very appealing and super functional piece of furniture. If you have the space to showcase one of these, they are a no-brainer investment piece. And as they are becoming rare finds, they will definitely appreciate in value over time. 

Just like the little black dress, an antique chest of drawers – in any shape or size – will always be a timeless and fashionable antique item in the decor world of interiors.

Antique & vintage chest of drawers

The simplicity of a vintage chest

If you are not yet ready to commit to an antique chest of drawers or Tallboy chest-on-chest, then perhaps a smaller antique chest or kist is exactly what you need. They are not only ideal for mixing and matching with contemporary furniture pieces but also perform perfectly as blanket storage trunks at the foot of a bed, toy chests in a child’s bedroom or repurposed coffee tables in a lounge or on a patio. And that empty nook in your entrance hall is simply crying out for a vintage chest. 

Vintage and antique chests and kists

The wonder of the Crown Collection

The fun of sourcing antique furniture and decorative accessories to suit your home’s aesthetic doesn’t come easier than a trip to The Crown Collection. 

As South Africa’s largest emporium of handpicked and curated antique, French and vintage items, we have an antique chest of drawers, a Tallboy chest-on-chest or a kist that has your name written all over it.  

For the perfect antique chest for your home, shop online or in-store at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston.