Give your decor a silverware twist

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Antique and vintage silverware finds are making a welcome comeback – but not in the way you would think. In an age of upcycling and repurposing objects, decorative silverware hits the decor world with a flourish. Instead of pouring tea from an antique silver teapot, it now becomes a conversation piece as it adorns any surface; bursting forth with roses or tulips. That decorative silver tray? It now comes into its own as a magnetic noticeboard board or a stand for a collection of treasures, glass bottles or alcoholic decanters. 

Polished to a shine or gloriously showcasing an aged patina, silverware adds a rich historical narrative, a gorgeous vintage vibe and an unexpected glam factor. You don’t have to be part of British royalty or the French bourgeoisie to make decorative silver accessories part of your 21st-century interior style story. 

If you are looking for charm, whimsy and sparkly sophistication, then you need to be on the hunt for silverware pieces and make their beauty part of the history of your home.

SIlverware teapots

Mismatched collections

The joy of decorating with silverware is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t find a complete set. It doesn’t even matter if the lid of a silver teapot or sugar bowl has gone astray. Its decorative and functional purpose has been redefined. Arranging various pieces together gives a quirky elegance and a storytelling moment to any space.

A curated collection of mismatched silver items brings a unique decor flavour to a sideboard, table, dressing table or desk. Each piece has its own history and together they bring in a level of repurposed quirkiness and layered elegance that is hard to define. 

VIntage & antique decorative silverware pieces

If you are just starting out with your silverware collection, smaller vanity pieces are a great start as they are relatively more affordable and offer bespoke personality and really pretty organizational solutions. They also bring in the whimsical charm of a bygone era. Fall in love with little silver-topped crystal perfume bottles or a  handheld silver mirror

Decorative sIlver trays – in any size or shape – are really trending and the more the merrier. Use them as a reflective base to showcase a collection of objets d’art or hang an assortment on a wall in any configuration. 

Decorative silver trays

And then there are silver cutlery sets. Whether you source a full canteen or a mismatched set, any table setting is suddenly elevated. Life is too short to not make every mealtime a special occasion, so don’t leave your silverware lying in a draw, celebrate it by using it. 

Mix-and-match vignettes

A design distinctive of silverware is its versatility when it comes to combining it with other materials. Balance and harmony occur when pairing a timeless metal such as silver with modern pieces. 

The ‘colour’ of silver also seamlessly enhances all furniture styles – from classic and French country to mid-century modern and sleek contemporary minimalism. It also works in any room in your home.

A collection of silver candlesticks marries so well with glass bottles, concrete-based lamps, wooden photo frames and an ornate gilded mirror. The overall effect is exquisite and yet almost random. 

Candelabra and candlesticks are highly sought after decorative pieces and we have dedicated an entire blog to them.   

Silver candlesticks & candelabra

A silver tray once again comes into its own when doubling up as a drinks tray or bar tray; becoming a really stylish feature in your home. No matter how you mix and match the bottles, the silver tray is the anchor decor feature that makes it all come together so beautifully. A styling tip is to balance high and low bottles, glasses and decanters to ensure an inviting visual landscape. 

SIlverware drinks tray

Silverware moments at The Crown Collection 

Not sure where to start with your silverware collection? The Crown Collection’s handpicked and curated pieces of decorative vintage and antique silverware will captivate you, making you feel like a child in a candy store. With new stock arriving weekly, we are pretty sure that you will find just the right piece to perfectly fit in your space. 

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