Antique furniture trumps mass-produced furniture… every time

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Browse through any decor magazine or watch any interior design renovation show, and the final reveal seamlessly showcases the glory of antique furniture over mass-produced items. It may just be one or two pieces, but the transformation is inspirational. The stylish layering, the rich design story and the intrinsic charm are motivating factors for any homeowner who is looking to furnish their spaces to start sourcing antique or vintage pieces. 

This does not ignore the loveliness of modern factory-made pieces, but furnishing an entire home with such pieces will often feel generic, soulless and more like a showroom than a character-filled home with bespoke charm and personality. There is no debate when you are on the hunt for ‘Objets de vertu’ (objects of interest for reasons of history and craftsmanship); antique furniture and accessories fit the brief – every time. 

This topic is not a new hobby horse for us; it is a drum we keep banging because the end result is always so satisfying, personalised and sustainable. We have highlighted why antiques are a no-brainer and explained the logic behind why antiques appreciate in value over time. We also believe we are quite persuasive when entering the eco-friendly debate that buying antique furniture (instead of mass-produced furniture) is a legitimate consideration when it comes to saving the planet. 

But the case for antique furniture gets even stronger when considering the design trio of artisanal quality, timelessness and storytelling. Mass-produced pieces – made in a factory – will always struggle to keep up when measured against these 3 criteria:

#1 Quality craftsmanship

Quality is always a persuasive argument in any retail discussion. From clothes and shoes to art and furniture – people are prepared to pay more for something because it will last or because it can be passed down to the next generation. This is where antique furniture shines really bright. In a disposable age, investing in antique furniture is a refreshing sustainable narrative that not only looks good in any space in our homes but also makes us feel good. So start with a solid wood antique armoire, chest of draws or kist – each will become a focal point and conversation piece. 

Quality craftsmanship of antique furniture

Antique furniture ‘hits the nail on the head’ thanks to the quality artisanal handcrafted skills related to materials, craftsmanship and workmanship; resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that will stand the test of time. Adding such a piece to your home will always add ‘life’ to your decor and an elusive quality that will make visitors to your space want to linger awhile. 

#2 Timeless trends

Mass-produced furniture fads come and go, but there is a customised and handcrafted distinctiveness to antique furniture that will always stand the test of time. Antique and vintage pieces easily transition into any space or design aesthetic – from old-school traditional and French rustic to contemporary chic and modern minimalist

This mix-and-match ability of antiques– over hundreds of years – still adds the wow factor and is a tribute to the beauty and design distinctiveness of antique furniture design over the centuries. You will want a piece of this in your home. 

Timeless & sustainable antique furniture

The timeless beauty of antique chandeliers will always set the scene in any room,   and then there is the functional and visual glam of vintage mirrors. And then there is the versatility of occasional antique chairs

#3 Subtle storytelling

A room in your home is not neutral. The walls, space options and architectural features are all the backdrop to a story and memories. And in interior design, the art of storytelling is not about words, but about the combination and energy of specially selected and curated furniture and accessories

Antique furniture already has a backstory that is rich in history and craftsmanship features that can set the tone for the rest of your aesthetic or be the finishing and complementary touch to a room that contains mass-produced pieces. The only difference is that 50 years from now, only the antique pieces will still be standing. Mass-produced furniture is simply not built to last. 

Antique furniture decor story

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