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Tips for styling antique candlesticks & candelabra

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The French say that lighting is essential to the character of any room and one of their favourite elements to achieve this (besides a chandelier, of course) is candlesticks and candelabra. These elegant items of illumination, originally designed for utilitarian purposes, have come full circle to become pieces of timeless decor jewellery in any modern home.

Whether antique candelabra and candlesticks are placed on a mantlepiece in the entrance hall, are used to adorn an elaborate dining room table or are styled on a marble or granite top in the bathroom, there’s a perfect spot for one (or more) of these decorative accessories in any room of your home.

If you are looking to add a little irresistible allure and layering to your design story, then antique candelabra or vintage candlesticks are just the ticket.  

Drama in the dining room 

The romantic glow of a timeless candelabra is the perfect addition when creating an intimate setting and adding instant tablescaping drama. As friends and family gather around, your dining room table becomes the perfect setting to display your antique candelabra showpiece.

Antique candlesticks and candelabra in Dining room

Antique or vintage candlesticks quickly become a simple way of stealing the show in any dining space. Juxtaposed at varying heights, they give a fanciful, playful touch in a more casual setting. To soften a more formal and sophisticated vignette, flank candlesticks on either side of a floral arrangement.

Grouping candlesticks or candelabra on a table or sideboard adds a bold focal point and elaborate drama to a dining room. And placing them at an equal distance from each other brings about a sense of balance to the room.

Accents in the entrance hall

If you want to give guests a moment of welcome pause as they enter your home and transport them to a  simpler time, then a well-placed antique candelabrum in your entrance hall will achieve this. 

While it may be tempting to place candelabra across your entire home it is always wise to practise a little design restraint and position them in a less cluttered setting where a romantic flourish is needed. (These decorative lovelies deserved to be noticed). No matter what your personal preference – gilded, crystal, silver, wrought-iron, cast-iron, brass or wooden – we have over 100 candlesticks and candelabra to choose from.

Antique candlesticks in entrance hall

A pair of matching candlesticks placed on either side of a mantel in the entrance hall creates a functional framework for a circular mirror – giving the space a sense of harmony and balance.

Beauty in the bathroom

Bathrooms are fast becoming designer spaces where vintage whimsy and antique items are being highlighted. Cue a collage of antique candlesticks and silver objets d’ art to create a haven of relaxation. (Candles have always been the go-to when scripting a restful and romantic spa-like setting).  

Create a captivating glow as you bask in the tub by scattering candlesticks around the bath or placing a candelabrum on a chest of drawers. These personal touches add warmth, history and charm to an often neglected and traditionally utilitarian space. 

Candelabra and candlesticks in the bathroom

Choice at the Crown Collection

The key to a beautiful space is mixing and matching a few carefully chosen antique or vintage pieces in a modern interior. This makes a trip to The Crown Collection your ideal starting point. Even Decor & Design SA agree: “We love a beautiful layered interior – one that tells a story and combines unique and timeless pieces with a few modern twists. Using antiques is often a great way to add depth and a classic touch to your space. The Crown Collection has a splendid array of timeless furniture items to add old-world charm to any interior.”

And when it comes to accessorising with antique candlesticks or candelabra, we have everything from French-inspired to Gothic designs to add the perfect touch to any style and any setting. From 22-karat gold gilded torchieres to Art Deco candlesticks and silver-plated candelabras, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

As South Africa’s largest emporium of handpicked vintage and antique furniture, we have a vast array of one-of-a-kind antique pieces to add undisputed elegance to your home (plus, we deliver to your door).

Visit our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston or shop online.

Set the scene with antique candelabra & vintage candlesticks

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They could be referred to as the ‘poor man’s chandelier,’ but vintage candelabra have undergone a revolution in the decor industry. As highly sought after decorative styling pieces, their eclectic presence highlights any style or period – be that traditional, Gothic, French or contemporary. 

Antique candlesticks, candelabra and torchieres are just the decorative accessories to add sophisticated elegance and a functional statement to any sideboard, table or occasion. And you can have so much fun accessorizing them and wowing your guests.

Antique candelabra & vintage candlesticks

From crystal, silver or gilded to cast iron or bronze, their romantic glow and decorative elegance are unmatched.

Getting the terminology right

If you are going to talk about vintage or antique candlestick options, then semantics and jargon matter. Is it candelabra, candlestick or torchiere? 

Nursery rhymes made us familiar with candlesticks – quick and nimble Jack jumping over one – and fairy tales delighted us with Beauty and the Beast’s Lumiere, the maître d’ turned candelabrum. (Speaking of which, candelabrum is the singular and candelabra the plural).  

vintage candelabra

Antique candlesticks and candelabra comprise similar features with one defining difference; a candelabrum has ‘branches’ or ‘arms’ to hold more than one candle. (The ‘labra’ are the decorative arms). 

An antique torchiere (torchère), dating back to 17th century France, is a tall metallic or wooden stand to hold a candle, candelabrum or lamp. 

Getting the table setting right

Tablescaping is an industry term that simply refers to creating Instagram-worthy table settings that are works of decor art. And you cannot go wrong with vintage candlesticks and antique candelabra as your starting point centrepieces. 

From a gothic 22-karat gold leaf hand gilded wrought iron torchiere, a set of traditional silver-plated candelabra, and a pair of rare 19th-century French bronze candle holders, to a pair of Baroque-style wooden carved altar pricket sticks or a pair of vintage Art Nouveau candelabra, these pieces are the quintessential decor bling for any occasion or event.

Candelabra table setting

Planning an indoor formal event or a rustic outdoor garden celebration? Your solution to a beautiful and striking setting lies in these timeless and soft lighting options that add whimsical charm and wonder to any occasion.  

For just the right romantic ambience and intimate illumination, vintage or antique candlesticks and candelabra add drama and bespoke personality, especially when partnered with the versatile accessorizing options of floral arrangements or simple greenery. Such artful centrepieces will always stand out from the crowd.

Tablescaping with vintage candelabra & candlesticks

Getting antique shopping right at the Crown Collection

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a novice antique hunter, candlesticks and candelabra are the perfect starting point to any collection. Your journey to sourcing the perfect ‘lumiere’ starts at the Crown Collection, South Africa’s largest emporium of vintage and antique furniture items and accessories. 

Should you require stripping, a paint technique, hand gilding or staining of any items, our professional craftsmen are onsite to give you the desired finish. 

Pop in at our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston or visit us online. We will also deliver to your door.


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