5 Ways to Incorporate Antique Furniture into a Modern Kitchen

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Antiques are not only rising in value, they are rising in popularity. Layering vintage and antique furniture with contemporary pieces and modern decor is a design trend aesthetic that has the industry excited. Decorating with antiques satisfies an innate need to feel a connection to the past, rooted in stories that have shaped the world we live in today. These slow furniture pieces, in a fast-paced world, hold immense charm and deserve to have a place in our homes.  

But how do you incorporate these vintage items and antique furniture pieces into a modern space and still create a balance of old and new that is seamless, timeless and beautiful? How do you make it work? 

Let’s look at the kitchen – the heart of the home – as a case study of how antique family heirlooms or collector’s items can ‘upcycle’ a contemporary kitchen with a touch of old-world charm. 

Unless you are dealing with a complete renovation overhaul or building from scratch, a kitchen is one space in your home that you just have to live with. 

Until now… 

We have 5 reasons that will make you fall in love with your modern kitchen space and want to hang out there, and they all have to do with antique furniture and vintage pieces:

#1 Add a table

An antique table is the simplest way to add some unique character and personality to a modern kitchen. The juxtaposition of the warm wood tones against a sleek and minimalist kitchen backdrop creates an unexpected harmony that will keep family and guests gathered in that space. 

Antique furniture Table in Modern kitchen

An 18th/19th Century French farm table – with a bread drawer and a second drawer for your other needs – is perfect for a larger kitchen.

(And if that becomes your official dining space, then you will want to read our blog on mixing and matching contemporary and antique dining room tables and chairs).

#2 Add an island

If you have an open-plan kitchen that is crying out for an island, then think “antiques.” No matter what size your kitchen may be, you can introduce an antique console table or desk to fit the space. If you like, you can even spend a little more and add a granite or marble top to coordinate with your current kitchen work surfaces. This will be a “hero” piece and create some wow factor, no matter what the rest of your kitchen looks like. 

Antique FUrniture Table modern kitchen island

#3 Add a chandelier (or two)

In the last few years, kitchens have morphed from being merely functional workspaces to places of design interest. Lighting has played a big role in this transformation. From pendant lights to centrepieces, this is where you can have fun in your kitchen. Depending on your budget, vintage or antique chandeliers will be the talk of your contemporary kitchen

(A word of warning – chandeliers have the power to make you swoon, so the kitchen will not be the last place you add one of these glittering lovelies!).

Antique & vintage chandeliers modern kitchen island

#4 Add a clock 

The kitchen is the one space in your home where a featured clock is a must. So why not go really big and add an antique grandfather clock to an empty wall? This is functional art in your kitchen and will be a definite statement piece and conversation starter. 

Life’s rhythms of meal prep and family gatherings will be in perfect sync with the addition of a decorative vintage clock on the wall. There are no design rules with this one – you can be as eclectic or as traditional as you like – go Victorian with a pendulum winder or ornate Rococo. 

An antique clock in your modern kitchen may be out of time, but it will never be out of place. 

Antique & VIntage Clocks modern kitchen island

#5 Add some silver

Contemporary minimalist kitchens can become generic and clinical, hence the need for a little decadent decoration in the form of antique or vintage silverware. We are not talking clutter or OTT – the ‘less is more’ design principle still applies – but we are suggesting that a well thought out silver collection on open shelves, or perhaps a vintage wine cooler holding your kitchen utensils, are a perfect and effortless culinary nod to the past.  

Antique & vintage silverware modern kitchen

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We could go on and on and suggest you add a versatile antique armoire to your kitchen to house your crockery and tablecloths, or even your pantry staples. But what we hope we have done is whet your appetite to visit our antique emporium – online or in-store (at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston). 

With over 5000 handpicked and curated vintage and antique collectables on show, we cannot wait to see how you add a piece or two to your modern spaces