Make an entrance with antique & vintage furniture choices

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Perhaps you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover,’ but you can definitely judge a home by its entrance hall or foyer. And if you are fortunate to have one of these welcoming ‘walk through’ spaces, then you are in an enviable position of sourcing antique or vintage furniture pieces; the ideal accompaniment to any entrance hall. 

Even though guests are not likely to spend a lot of time in your entrance hall, it is the introduction to your home; the unspoken first impression. Adding vintage or antique furniture pieces to an entryway will elevate the overall decor aesthetic and appeal of your home. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors certainly top our list of versatile antique or vintage pieces. There is not a room in your home that wouldn’t benefit from a vintage mirror and an entrance hall is just crying out for one. Not only will they give an expanded illusion of space but they also add functionality and your guests will always thank you. No matter what size mirror you choose, the transformation will be huge. (And who says you have to hang a mirror on the wall?).

Antique or vintage mirrors for entrance halls

Take a seat

If you have some dead space in your entrance hall, then adding one or two occasional chairs creates a tête-à-tête moment. You can go grand with dome chairs, elegant with upholstered chairs inspired by French kings or British queens, or simple with a couple of neo-classical stinkwood dining chairs or a fruitwood sandveld riempie bench. You may not sit in them, but the invitation to do so is tempting. Once again – you get to play with colour and pattern as these stand-alone pieces will create their own story. 

Antique Dome chairs

Don’t be square

A round table is the perfect antique furniture piece for larger entrance halls. No matter what wood finish you choose, the casual elegance of an accessorised round table is unmatched. From fresh flowers in a statement vase to coffee table books and vintage objets d’art, the aesthetic can change whenever you like. 

This is also the perfect time to mention that if you do have the space for a round (or square) table, then you also have the space to finish off your entryway vignette with an antique chandelier or vintage lantern. A chandelier – aka ‘decor jewellery’ for interior spaces – will be the ultimate finishing touch for your entrance hall. 

Antique & vintage tables

Who let the dogs out?

Welcome your guests with a smile. An entrance hall can easily become a space for a little wit and whimsy; antique style. A couple of concrete dogs, a bust or mirrored obelisks will not go amiss in the entryway and are likely to be conversion starters as soon as your guests enter your home.

VIntage concrete dogs, busts & urns

Light the way

Smaller and narrow antique console or sofa tables are the ultimate entrance hall solution for placing keys, handbags etc. But they also double-up as a display surface for that vintage desk lamp that you absolutely love or a pair of silver candelabras or candlesticks. The softer glow of a wall sconce or desk lamp (or two) adds immediate appeal as you enter your home – morning, noon and night. 

Antique lamps

A welcome rug

The best way to ‘roll out the red carpet’ for your guests is to place a time-tested vintage rug in your entryway. This colourful, patterned welcome not only defines the space but gives it presence, making guests pause as they enter your home. 

Antique carpets and rugs have a long history and will add such warmth and richness to your entrance hall and are proven to handle lots of foot traffic. 

The flat-woven elegant motifs and floral designs in earthy tones of Bessarabian kilims, the intricate and brightly coloured medallion designs of a Karabakh carpet or the 3-dimensional handmade tapestry weaving of a French Aubusson rug will add a timeless and classical narrative to any interior and are worth the investment. 

Antique and vintage rugs

A work of art

Adding vintage and antique pieces to an entrance hall couldn’t be simpler than hanging art. Art also makes a statement about who you are. Foyers are standalone spaces, making them the perfect areas to play around with furniture and accessories. And what better way than showcasing a statement artwork or a gallery wall of antique frames or vintage botanical prints?

Anitque & vintage art

Welcome to the Crown Collection

Inspiration for the entrance to your home starts at the Crown Collection, where a curated and handpicked collection of over 5000 antique and vintage furniture items awaits. Personalize your home by shopping online or visiting our studio at 20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston. 

Our professional onsite services include upholstery in fabrics of your choice, french polishing, hand gilding, paint techniques, bleaching furniture and staining in lighter or darker shades. 

Browse all our collections.

‘Update’ a contemporary main bedroom with antique or vintage furniture

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Transforming and personalizing your main bedroom is as simple as adding antique or vintage furniture items – even in a contemporary space. The design principles of balance, harmony and proportion are expressed in the use of colour, shape, texture and style, and the master suite is the easiest space to play with these concepts. All it takes is one or two vintage finds to elevate the feel and look. 

Mixing older items with modern pieces is one of the easiest decor tricks. And the main bedroom is a wonderful starting point as antique or vintage furniture will always add depth, richness and contrast – exactly the cohesive design aesthetic you are wanting to achieve. 

Start with some storage

Additional storage in a bedroom is a no-brainer and yet often lacking in contemporary spaces. (Where will you put all your shoes?). This is where antique furniture and vintage items for the master bedroom really come into their own. Chests of drawers, dressing tables and pedestals are not only functional but strikingly beautiful and there are so many options to choose from. If your room is small, then vintage trunks can be a special utilitarian addition for storing blankets and linen. 

Antique or vintage furniture for main bedrooms

And then you get the timeless beauty of armoires. (Who doesn’t dream of one of these antique or vintage furniture pieces in their main bedroom?). From TVs to hanging and shelving space, an armoire is your BFF design solution. Armoires provide fantastic versatility and their imposing presence and design impact are just what a master suite needs. 

Antique or vintage furniture for main bedrooms

Sit awhile

Besides sleeping, the main bedroom can always do with a small seating area – even if that is just an occasional chair. A gilded and upholstered antique or vintage chair is often the one piece that can make a whole room; they are small enough to fit into a cosy corner but make a big impact. 

Antique or vintage furniture for main bedrooms

If you have a monochromatic modern space, then a colourful splash of pattern from an antique chair will be just the right playful statement in a minimalist space – be that in the main bedroom or dressing room. 

Occasional chairs for main bedrooms

Accessorize with a little bling

A touch of gold, a hint of silver and a little bit of sparkle will never be amiss in any space. Glamming up your main bedroom with vintage chandeliers or mirrors is always the finishing touch. 

The one place a mirror is never out of place is in a bedroom; it is as important as any other piece of bedroom furniture. The main bedroom becomes the perfect backdrop for a vintage mirror and the opportunity to create a gorgeous vignette. 

Antique chest of drawers and mirror

The pièce de résistance is, of course, a chandelier. From a central oversized antique crystal chandelier or a vintage wrought iron chandelier to hanging a smaller pair of chandeliers on either side of the bed, there is every reason to have one. Their sparkling beauty and elegant charm are the perfect lighting solution to ‘upstyle’ your space. 

vintage chandeliers

Go big with an opium bed

The bed should always be the focal point and hero piece in the main bedroom. if you are really wanting a big and bold decor narrative (and have the space) why not go with a decorative antique opium bed? There is nothing that says luxury quite like one of these statement pieces! It will add beauty, character and a nostalgic nod to the past. 

Antique Opium bed

Don’t forget the walls

An often forgotten surface in the main bedroom is the walls. From a gallery wall of framed paintings to a vintage tapestry or wall hanging, your master suite walls are crying out for a little artistic, textured and patterned personality. 

Wall hangings & tapestries

Any of these antique and vintage furniture choices will boost the beauty of your contemporary space as well as adding much-needed layering and a bespoke attitude to your main bedroom, resulting in a designer retreat where you cannot wait to escape to.  

Visit the Crown Collection

The Crown Collection Emporium is where your decor journey begins. For antique, French, bleached and vintage furniture items, the perfect piece awaits – online or at our studio (20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston). 

And if you find the perfect antique or vintage item for your main bedroom but are not happy with the finish, we can professionally strip it, stain it, bleach it or gild it so that it suits your space perfectly. 

For inspiration on decorating a little girl’s bedroom with pink and gold vintage or antique items, read more here. 

Start your vintage and antique decor journey today.

Vintage Pieces for Girls’ Bedrooms – A Feminine Touch of Pink & Gold

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‘Sugar and spice and all things vintage-inspired – that’s what little girls rooms are made of.’  Well, that is our approach when it comes to decorating girls’ bedrooms with vintage pieces and antique furniture. A feminine designer touch and a love for some weathered whimsical sophistication become the individuality that will magically transform any little girl’s space. 

The juxtaposition of vintage or antique furniture in a modern space brings a calming balance that is inviting, personalised and timeless. And what better place to add these vintage pieces that tell a story than in a little girl’s bedroom?

Placing the right antique or vintage statement pieces in a modern setting is not only an art form but will give new life to any room’s decor.  

A touch of vintage pink and gold – and of course, a little sparkle – is all it takes to give a little girl the bedroom of her dreams. 

A touch of pink and white

Of course, when considering a vintage piece to add to a girl’s bedroom, it doesn’t have to be pink. But the softness and gentleness of pastel pink for a sleeping space is sure to entice some fairy dust and lullabies. Pink is also a wonderful ‘neutral’ complementary colour to so many other shades – grey, white navy, back, blue, green and yellow. 

  • An antique or vintage settee or chair – A little gilded settee or a French chair, reupholstered in a pastel pink fabric, will be the invitation to spend a while in any bedroom. (At the Crown Collection, our onsite upholstery service provides top-quality re-upholstery solutions in most finishes and in the fabric of your choice). 

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

  • White or bleached items – a pink palette’s absolute delight is white furniture options – from the bed and dressing table to a French-style armoire or chest of draws. (It really is ok to paint antique furniture and give it a fresh upcycled look. Whatever the finish, we can achieve that for you – from French polishing, hand gilding, paint techniques, bleaching and staining).

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

  • Kists and trunksSpace is often limited in little girls’ bedrooms and creative storage solutions are required. Cue vintage trunks or antique kists – the versatile and functional options for storing toys, dress-up clothes and extra shoes and clothing (as she grows). 

The Midas touch

All that glitters in a little girl’s room belongs in the realm of golden touches and gilded edges. This is where vintage pieces truly come into their own, adding an unmatched romantic statement.  

  • Gilded mirrorsVintage mirrors are the obvious place to start and every little girl’s bedroom needs an ornamental mirror – for twirling, curling and make-up. (We did an entire blog on vintage mirrors as jewellery for any room).  Decorative gilded antique ‘looking glasses’ – from Baroque to French chic – are a decor trend that is sticking around (and will make any bedroom Instagram-worthy). 
  • Gilded occasional chairs – As little girls grow, they may want to leave the pink girliness behind and embrace bolder vintage statement pieces in the form of gilded occasional chairs. There are so many styles to choose from; it all comes down to preference, space and budget to find a vintage chair that is just right for the space. From French gilded armchairs and Bergere Style chairs to the elegance of gilded rattan back armchairs, there is a chair to suit any girl’s bedroom. 

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

  • Gilded ottomans – Round or rectangular, ottomans are a delightful and fun addition to any bedroom. A gilded twist is a perfect balance to the plushness of the deep-buttoned upholstery choices. Use as bedside tables, dressing table stools or simple accent pieces – perfect for growing princesses. 

VIntage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

A touch of sparkle

No girl’s room is complete until it boasts a little vintage bling – the pièce de résistance items that define a ‘girls only’ space and add the much-needed sparkle.  

Vintage pieces & antique furniture for girls' bedrooms

The Crown Collection touch

The inspiration for creating a bedroom fit for a princess that seamlessly boasts vintage pieces or antique furniture starts at The Crown Collection – an emporium that showcases more than 5000 pieces of handpicked French, antique and vintage items. It’s all about having fun and repurposing pieces of history to fit our modern interiors. 

Shop online or in-store at our studio (20 Ballyclare Drive, Bryanston).


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